How our website redesign skyrocketed Soko's sales

How our website redesign skyrocketed Soko's sales

Project Overview

Soko is a female-founded intimate wear brand. The brand caters to women of South Asian descent and makes buying intimate wear a comfortable experience.

Soko had its initial website built by another agency that had zero experience in customer psychology or well-branded websites. After our initial call with Soko, they were convinced our team at Wolf Eleven will be able to elevate their brand identity and deliver a strong brand message through a new modern website. We rebuilt their Shopify theme to reflect their brand core values, modernized their color palette, and put a strong emphasis on product quality and features.

Project Execution

Project results

Within 6 weeks of relaunching its website, Soko saw a 120% increase in revenue without a change in any marketing budget. Our most impressive milestone was a sharp increase in conversation rate from 3.1% to a whopping 7.3%. This confirmed that our website redesign strongly resonated with the target audience and was highly persuasive.

A couple of months after relaunch, Soko got back to us and decided to hire us again for their email and SMS marketing. We then helped them increase the customer return rate to an impressive 74%. That means 3 out of every 4 customers were coming back to purchase again with Soko! We achieved this with a strongly personalized email & SMS marketing campaign, in combination with the well-branded, persuasive and informative website.

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